WALKLONG products have passed the accreditation of UL of America, and

have passed the test of American and Canadian standard as well. Walklong

accepts UL company’s inspection at any time. Walklong products are

produced strictly according to UL standard.

UL Follow-Up Service Procedure
(Type R)


File No.: E 308403
USR, CNR Component: Lampholder, Miscellaneous
Model:   X555

WALKLONG products have passed the accreditations of TUV and CE of

German, completely meeting the requirements of EU countries and relevant

regions. As per the requirements of accreditation, Walklong co. has established

a strict quality-control system to assure offering qualified products to our customer.

Certificate No.: R 50090013
Certificate No.: R 50090014


Certificate Product: Lampenfassung (Edison Screw Lampholder)

Type: X555

All materials of WALKLONG products have passed the tests of RoHS and

SVHC of SGS company and can meet the requirements of environmental

protection of EU. The quality of glass products are controlled according to

the requirements of FDA of America. It is a kind of relieved and food-grade glass.

WALKLONG products have passed the CB accreditation of International

Electrotechnical Commission. By this, our customers can get better with

various standards of different countries. This will promote the international

trade and enhance the international competitiveness of erterprises.  


Certificate No.:CN 19079
Certificate Product: Edison Screw Lampholder
Model:   X555

WALKLONG products have passed the accreditation of CQC of China

and meet the relevant requirements such as quality, safety, properties

and electromagnetic compatibility.

CQC accreditation emphasizes the following points such as safety,

electromagnetic compatibility, properties and restriction of hazardous

substances(RoHs),These factors can directly reflect the quality of

products and concern closely the personal safety and property security

of the consumer. CQC is aiming at safeguarding the interests of consumer,

stimulating the company to improve their quality of products and strengthen

the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises.


Certificate No.: CQC11004055750
Certificate Product: Edison Screw Lampholder
Model:   X555